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something out of nothing

josh and i were talking a little bit last night about the similarities and differences between our hobbies and interests. one thing is certain: we both have creative energy, which needs to be exercised on a regular basis.

he is into vintage cars and motorcycles. while i appreciate and love his work, i can't see the same potential in a box full of parts and have a hard time being truly excited about his finds. i am always happy and excited for HIM, but not necessarily for the bits and pieces themselves.

for example, this is his model a roadster, which i love and can't wait to ride in once it's finished...

this stuff on the other hand?

scrap metal, as far as i know. he would tell you differently, though.

he also might tell you that the items below are most likely headed for the recycle bin and has a hard time getting excited about all of the bits of paper and stacks of fabric in the house...

what is interesting is that as different as our hobbies and creative outlets are, they are intertwined because we participate in each others work. he is the one who bought my first two mini sewing machines and started what is now a collection of them. he is also happy to sit and look at all of the nice comments left on my OWOH post with me. likewise, i am genuinely happy to listen to his ups and downs building the new engine or hunting down parts for a motorcycle. hotrods show up in my work quite often and if he wants to borrow my fancy camera to take pictures of his projects? no problem. as long as he doesn't mind carrying a camera with a pink and yellow ruffled strap. (he doesn't).

so i am asking, does this

and this

plus this

and this

make any sense at all?



Vickie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. That is so funny that you posted this, I love it. Nice to meet you!


Anonymous said...

thats about $1000.00 in scrap metal darling...

Katherine said...

you proved my point, "Anonymous," (who i suspect to be non other than josh...) for surely i would never pay $1000 for that pile of metal... ;)