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work in progress...

work in progress, originally uploaded by makingchickensalad.

this is what i have been working on for the past few days. at this point i am not thrilled with her AT ALL, but am happy enough to move forward and to feel confident that i will like her in the end. as this is new for me, my ideas are more advanced than my skills will allow and i have been having a tough time with her head (obviously!). some good advice from Sheri and patience with myself and the learning process should hopefully help the progression of this project and give this poor little thing a proper head!


{april kennedy} said...

I think she looks fabulous so far. A head would be good though!

I, too, am so glad to have met you this past weekend!

Katherine said...

thanks, april! the funny thing is that there is actually a pile of discarded heads sitting right next to her that i cropped out of the photo. perhaps i should have left them in!

ostrich girl said...

Miss Kat great job! She is going to be beautiful.Hooray a baby in your house that doesn't cry or poo or teeth and you can sell it without going to jail! xoxo sheri