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Inspired by this pretty project featured on design*sponge last week, I decorated a plain pine nightstand (no before photo--sorry!!) with some bits of trim, new knobs and a fresh coat of paint. This nightstand has been here forever and for some reason it really irritated me. Now I love it!

p.s. this was super easy. I started and finished it last night. I will admit to taking some shortcuts--I wanted to get it done before josh (who does custom millwork) got home from his corned beef and cabbage dinner and laughed at me busting out the handsaw!

p.p.s the trim pieces I used were from Michael's; the knobs were from a Victorian apartment building my dad owned a million years ago; and the paint was leftover from another project.


ostrich girl said...

Katherine this is sooo cute! And Wow I cant believe you did it in one night.Did Josh think it was great? That last lttle Etsy interview is so cute too! I could see you in a place like that.It was laid out really cool! xoxo Sheri

Carolyn said...

Hi, somehow I stumbled onto your flickr site and in turn here...just wanted to let you know that I loved that DesignSponge nightstand when it was posted originally, but love yours even more!! Nice work!


Katherine said...

thank you, carolyn! it was a fun, fun project.