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After finding Bonpoint (via oh, hello friend) I have made it my personal mission to sew as many of these pieces as possible before the summer (the fact that they are meant for children does not bother me one bit).
Is it lame and unethical to copy items of clothing? I will admit I feel a little funny about it, but with my current budget and the prices listed here, purchase is not an option. AND since I am making them for personal use and not for resale, I think I will let myself off the hook. What are your thoughts on this?


Jessie said...

Definitely, DEFinitely nothing wrong with it.

As long as you're not selling them, I think it's flattery for the designer.

Jamie said...

You're not selling it and it probably won't be exactly like the original so I think it's great! You go, girl!!! :)

Mallory Phillipy said...

ohhh those are so cute! the plaid and overalls is my favorite. i say go for it, it's like scraplifting, or using a pattern. and like jamie said, it's won't be exactly the same. if i knew how to sew clothing i would do the same :]

Katherine said...

the plaid and overalls is my favorite, too mallory! thanks for your input, girlies...

{april kennedy} said...

I'll take one of each of the top three shirts! go for it girl...sew sew sew...totally ethical.

and yea for the shoes! They are really cute huh....and pretty comfortable...no break in time needed at all.

RachelDenbow said...

I agree with your reasoning. If you aren't selling them, and you aren't using the exact patterns that they use, you are just taking inspiration for personal use. You may even come up with little alterations that make them more 'you' and be happily surprised with the direction these took you.

Cheryl said...

When my sister was living in China, she would cut pages out of magazines, find matching fabric from the fabric district and have her tailor copy the garment almost exactly, saving her hundreds of dollars (not that she'd ever spend that much on a single garment). As long as a person doesn't sell or claim it as their own design, I think it's a great idea.

Great blog, btw, Cheryl