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First day of kindergarten!


{april kennedy} said...

He's got to be the cutest Henry I know! Hope he loved it.

Jamie said...

How'd he do??? He looks so adorable!!! I hope he had a great day!!! (How'd YOU do???) xoxo

Katherine said...

He did great! I forgot to mention that his classroom is the same kindergarten classroom I was in, which he likes.

I was ok... Cried both yesterday at the orientation and today when I dropped him off. And maybe a little last night. :)

Are you two both hanging in there with the kids' new situations so far?

knack said...

yay! these pictures are so great! hope he had an awesome fist day!

p.s. ....saw you on design sponge! CONGRATS! xo

jasmine said...

awww! so cute!

Katherine said...

thank you, barb!!

Miss Wanderlust said...

I am a teacher and I would have to say he would DEFINITELY be my favorite student just because he has a Paul Frank bookbag. Sooooo adorable :)