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For Sale: Blythe dolly

Wanda's new hat...
Hey, there! After much thought, I have decided to part with my pretty little doll and offer her up to a home where she will receive more attention than I can give her right now.

She is a stardancer, but has had her hair dyed (by her previous owner) and had a gentle face customization by frankie*darling. I fell in love with her because her hair looks like mine. Narcissism at its finest!

wanda tries to knit

I am asking $275 for the doll and all of her accessories (including shipping). The accessories she comes with are:
*black converse sneakers
*red converse sneakers
*adorable handmade black mary jane shoes
*one vintage green, pink & white dress
*one blue dress
*one ADORABLE hooded coat
*one pair of jeans
*beanie crocheted by me
*small pink sweater handknit by a local old lady and purchased by me not so much because the sweater was cute, but the lady was adorable
*a few hangers
*white tulip dining table and two chairs (one pink, one green)
*Re-Ments miniatures teacups and plates (from Fairy Tale Set #5)
*anything else i find that belongs to her!



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