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Estate Sale Finds

Today's finds demonstrating once again that Friday is the best day to hit the sales!


{april kennedy} said...

That fabric is so cute. I totally forgot that it was Friday and to look up Estate Sales in the paper.

Maybe next week!!

angela said...

love the fabric..make something beautiful with it.

Krystin said...

gorgeous fabrics! lucky finds!

Casey said...

i'm going to a city wide garage sale tomorrow in Austin and there should be tons of cool vintage fabric and awesome antiques to go through. i hope i find some good stuff! those fabrics you found are awesome!

business answering services said...

I also just love to search for daily usage stuff in sale items, as the prices are so reasonable, and the quality is fine too. Very nice findings dear.

ccb said...

i LOVE those fabrics!!

Melissa said...

Love the fabric also, and Thursdays are even better is the estate sale starts on Thurs. The first hour is usually really zoo-y though, so be prepared.