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I think Holly says it best...

"...if you are a blog author and you worry about how you present your life online and get so caught up in it that family members get ignored, chores go undone, your stress level soars, or anything else negative is resulting from your own quest to please others and have some pretend amazing life then let me tell you it’s absolutely nuts and a waste of time to bother. Just be yourself, show your friends and readers your real life and be proud of it and own it."

--Holly Becker, decor8


gina luv said...

oh this is glorious! :)gina

Julia said...

I keep coming back to this quote, and find it more inspirational every time. Truly well said.

ccb said...

so true and such words to live by. thank you for sharing.

Wish Me Luck said...

Well said. Those are words to keep in mind.

Natasja said...

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