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 This easy DIY is a great way to customize fabric and add some texture and pattern to your projects.  I covered the ottoman in Henry's room with bleached out denim, and absolutely love it.   The fabric would also be great for tote bags, duvet covers, or even floor mats and rugs.  It is really durable, yet the bleach softens it nicely so it feels nice to the touch, as well.


 To get started, all you need is denim (i used a hemp/cotton blend), rubberbands and regular household bleach.
 Start gathering chunks of the fabric and wrapping rubberbands around them to make little mountains.
Secure the mountains together, two at a time.  Repeat this process until your whole piece of fabric is covered in rubberbands.  The more haphazard, the better!

Once your fabric is rubberbanded, start the washing machine.  I set mine for a SMALL load on the hottest cycle.  How much bleach you use is a matter of preference.  For this fabric I used half a bottle!  Use less if you would like a more subtle pattern.  After the machine has a good amount of water, add your bleach and then your fabric, then leave the fabric to soak in the bleach/water mixture.  Again, how long you leave the fabric is up to you.  I left this fabric to soak for four hours.  Once the fabric is almost where you want it, start the machine back up and let it finish the cycle.  Remember, the finished product will be a bit lighter than it looks at this point!

After the cycle has completed, cut out the rubberbands and wash the fabric once more.  Using hot water, wash it with your favorite laundry detergent and a good quality fabric softener.

 With any luck your fabric will look something like this.  Now make something with it!


Petra said...

Hi! I just found your site via em_henderson's and (sorry I'm going to get a bit loco right now) I'M IN LOVE! Your style totally fits with mine-or what I'm attracted to anyway ;-) I love this post, in fact-I'm off to go tie die some old jeans right now (been meaning to for months) Now I've got the tools how :-)

I also love your "bits + pieces" and home tour posts. Def subscribing!

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