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I went to my favorite thrift shop this morning hoping to find a few bits of crewel wool for a special project for this weekend. Lucky me--I found this lot for $2.50! I love when that happens!
The chair below comes from the same shop. Advice: don't walk to your favorite thrifty spot, or you might find yourself carrying a bentwood chair through town.
Besides that project, I have organization on the brain! I would definitely use this luggage for a weekend getaway, but since that won't be happening any time soon I can also see it being used to hold craft supplies! All of these (plus a few more) have been added to the vintage shop.

AND... As for the white elephant in the room... New blog design!! I have been working on it myself (while ignoring my child, of course. yikes!) and have a few more elements to add. I'm sure things will change along the way, but we shall see.


blue moss said...

what fabulous finds...love the thread...
and i love the new blog :)
(and what a great gift from your boyfriend...i think i really need to order one of those keychains :)

Katherine said...

thanks so much, michelle!

you know how these projects go--i was not planning on changing anything on the blog, but then wondered if i could do it. before i knew it i was googling html tutorials and knee deep in it!

definitely order yourself a little keychain. they are pretty handy!

Jamie said...

Score!!! Great finds!!!
Looove the new blog layout!
And you have a button! Yay! I'm going to add it right now! =)
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!!!
xoxo -j

Danielle said...

fabulous finds, I would have called a cab :P

love the new blog design.

kevin said...

i like the new layout. i went with a wood background as well :)

i just started a new blog, i ended basquiat thinks im cool, just fyi

Katherine said...

yay--thanks, jamie!

{april kennedy} said...

I think the new blog design looks great! totally worth ignoring the kid :)

love your finds too! let's plan to go together in the next week or two! but can we drive?!

Anonymous said...

The new design looks fantastic! The kid was probably too busy having fun to notice :) and those
thrift store finds are amazing...I haven't had much luck at our local thrift stop lately :o( maybe I should take you as a good luck charm! :o)