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Some pretty little things for baby girls have just been added to the Vintage Shop. I have a few more things to steam and list tomorrow.
I am also working on some new projects that I am having a lot of fun with--hopefully I will be ready to show them to you this weekend!


life according to celia... said...

whoa. those are almost worth having a baby for! ;)

Katherine said...

ha! i was thinking the same thing-- and i REALLY don't want any more babies! :)

Jamie said...

Those are so adorable! That Strawberry Shortcake one is my fave!!! Cute, but I'm with you!! Glad you to have boys. =)

Evelyn Oliveira said...

I loved your blog. Added to my favorites, ok?
Big hug and good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love these little outfits...they make me want to open up the tote I have with all my kids "little clothes" in it and the spend the afternoon reminiscing...

ostrich girl said...

Everything is adorable! I was so bummed that I didn't snag that little pink hat off your etsy site! You have the cutest stuff! Next time i won't bo so slow!!!!!! Hope all is well! Talk to you soon!
Sheri DeBow

mrs.adrienneK said...

uh!!those little outfits are ADORABLE!!btw so is your blog!!!
~adrienne K~