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Hey, there! How has your week been? Ours was busy, and this next one promises to be busy, as well. Not only am I kissing my twenties goodbye, but it the one year anniversary of the start of this little blog! I have a lot planned for the blog not only this week, but in this upcoming year.
heart shaped locket
In the meantime, I have been spending a lot of time with this little face (and trying to keep him entertained during this three week holiday vacation!)
and have fallen completely in love with making these granny square cowls. They (along with a ton of regular cowls) will be added to the Katherine Handmade shop this afternoon. I will post them to my Twitter account as I get them listed.
I have tons of button ring supplies left over and really enjoyed making them, so I will be listing a bunch of those, as well.

And how are you? Have you recovered from December and are you ready for 2010? My answer to that question is YES and YES!

Big hugs!


Lindsay said...

Those cowls and rings are so adorable!!!

Barbara said...

Honey, wait until you're close to kissing your 40s goodbye...that's when things start looking, well, odd!!

Happy New Year!

Violet Bella said...

i am loving all of your new creations! especially the granny square cowls! so cute. and your adorable owl purse! i am just learning to crochet and have quickly become obsessed! i love the flow of it! loving it girl, keep it up!

kanishk said...

...that's when things start looking, well, odd!!
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