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kitchen before
The biggest project we tackled in the new house was the kitchen.  I try not to be a princess, but it was nasty in there and needed a fresh start.  So, we replaced EVERYTHING.
our kitchen after renovation
We started by removing the pantry, since it was oddly configured and not very efficient at all.  We also removed the nasty texture on the walls and gave them a smooth surface and a coat of fresh white paint to match the rest of the house; replaced the back door, casing and door jam; installed new cabinets, shelving & countertops; installed new flooring; replaced the appliances; and replaced the light fixtures.
our kitchen
Josh and my dad removed all of the existing cabinets and Josh built all brand new ones.  He painted them Gossamer by Pratt & Lambert and used butcher block countertops & backsplash, which he ordered through his work.  The dark green barn light over the sink was on an "AS-IS" shelf at a local lighting store, and the vintage schoolhouse light in the middle of the room is from a local antique shop.
vintage copper knobs
Our cabinet knobs are NOS vintage copper ones that my dad had in a box in the garage.  They were all in the original boxes and wrapped in tissue when I found them and had been sitting there for at least 30 years.  Coincidentally there were the exact number we needed!
open shelving in the kitchen
We decided against upper cabinets on the outside wall because the kitchen is not huge and we did not want to close it in and make it feel smaller than it is.  Josh built the shelves out of mahogany, and this is where we store all of our dishes.
kitchen sink corner
He used the same mahogany to build a corner shelf and the windowsills above the sink.  The sink itself is Kohler and the faucet is Moen.
An African basket from overstock.com and a small stoneware crock keep dishtowels and kitchen utensils within reach of both the sink and the stove.
kitchen corner
Speaking of the stove...  We decided pretty early on that we wanted vintage.  We actually bought a different vintage Wedgewood originally, but were not happy with it once we got it home.  Josh found this one on Craigslist and I am thrilled with it.  My main wish was to find one with a griddle, and I am so happy that we were able to.  The pale green floor is Armstrong VCT--I can't remember the color name but can look it up if anyone wants to know.  It was inexpensive, super durable and a fun way to bring some color into an otherwise neutral kitchen.
 vintage general electric refrigerator
Our refrigerator is also vintage and was purchased on Craigslist.  We struggled with a refrigerator purchase, as new ones are expensive and junky (at least in our price range).  I feel so lucky to have found this one in such great shape and fantastic working order.  Like the stove, the refrigerator is the same era as the house (1955) and fits well.
canvas bins keep table linens tidy
Canvas bins from Walmart keep table linens tidy.
pantry item</p><p>s
Pantry items are in a cabinet now, but will soon go in a mahogany open shelving unit that Josh will build to go on the wall next to the refrigerator.
dining area
There is no dining room in the house, and the most logical place for a table is right in front of the gigantic window between the front door (which still needs to be replaced) and the kitchen.  Originally this area was carpeted, but we stretched the kitchen floor all of the way across the room.  My mom and dad gave us the antique (late 1800s) dining room table as a housewarming gift.  It has seven leaves and can stretch across the kitchen so everyone will fit at holiday dinners.  The chairs are from overstock.com, and I highly recommend them!

It has taken us months to get to this point and it is such a relief to finally be here.  I am really excited to see the open shelving unit that Josh is going to build, and will definitely share photos once it's done.


Rachel Mason said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love before/afters. And your appliances are incredible. So perfect!

melissa loves said...

So great! It looks beautiful. I LOVE those stoves...and so want one like that someday, when we remodel our kitchen. So much work! But, you guys did a great job and now, it must be such a pleasure to be in! Congrats hun!

BuenoBueno said...

i love all the changes! and that fridge!!! omg now can you come to Texas and help me! PWEASE!

Countertops NICE!

janel. said...

THis is beautiful. Obviously my have is the stove but I also LOVE your pantry jars. When I grow up I want to be as cool as you. Love it.

Lauren said...

Hi from BYW! I love your kitchen! We have open shelves too and I lovelovelove them. My husband just said the other day how glad he was that we went with them rather than cabinets.

So you really recommend those chairs? Really? They're gorgeous! We have a dark diningroom with a dark rosewood table and we need light chairs. I've been on the lookout...

Mandi said...

I love everything and can really appreciate all the hard work that went into it. We lived with my brother for two years, helping him completely gut his 1940's bungalow. If I were to do a kitchen in my own style taste, I think it would be pretty similar to yours. Love!

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