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Holy, update!
Both the the handmade shop and the the vintage shop were just updated. I feel like shop updates are all I have been talking about lately, but I am getting ready to participate in my very first Poppytalk Handmade Market (starting Monday!!) and I have been working hard to get the shops full.
Here are the new items in the vintage shop...
vintage decopauge canisters
Josh like this so we decided to keep it...
Now for the handmade shop...
Totes, of course!
And bracelets!
leather bracelet
Kind of girly, kind of rough-and-tumble. Just how I like things!

I actually have some more things to add to both shops, but Henry just tied my measuring tape to the back of my chair and is trying to pull me away from the computer. I guess it's time for a break!

As a huge thank you for reading, let's do a FRIDAY FREEBIE. Leave a comment on this post and your name will be entered to win a special surprise! Please make sure to include your email address if I can not find it through your profile.


Stacey B said...

I love love love the bracelets! So fun and the buttons are fantastic! Nice job. What sewing machine do you use? I have a hard time just sewing through a necktie...but I'm a newbie and still learning the ropes.

Katherine said...

i actually use a 1956 morse zig zag machine. it's more than half a century old and still powers through like a champ! i was very lucky to find a clean one that had had just been serviced for $10. if you come across one i recommend swooping it up. thanks for entering!

jasmine said...

that clock is total awesome-ness.

Katherine said...

i know. the faux bois--are you kidding me? i was glad when he asked if we could keep it. :)

erin said...

what a great market tote that would make!

Jamie said...

Looove those bracelets!!! Awesome, girl!!! I'm definitely gonna have to snag one of those up one day soon!!! (I've definitely reached my etsy limit this week, lol.)

Alessia said...

So cute!

I LOVE your blog.