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Henry loves to go to the library to check out books with his own library card. Mama does not love trying to keep track of the books and the card in between trips. So, I make a little bag specifically for his library books with a pocket for the card. We keep the bag on a hook right by the front door, and make sure to replace the books in the bag after we read them. This is an easy, no sewing machine project necessary project and makes a great last-minute birthday gift. Bonus points if you tuck a library card application inside!
You will need:
*a plain tote bag (either natural canvas or denim)
*fabric markers
*a scrap of natural or white fabric
*some scraps of felt
*embroidery floss or yarn and a needle
We will start with the "I <3 BOOKS" patch. Using a bowl or jar lid as a template, trace and cut out a circle.
Use fabric markers to draw your design, then set it on your felt and cut around the edge (pinking shears are optional).
Stack both pieces of the patch on the front of the bag and stitch to secure.
Using a credit card as a template, cut a piece of felt slightly wider and about 1/2 inch shorter than the card. make sure to leave enough of a seam allowance that the card will fit on the pocket once it's stitched on.
Attach some cute trim around the top edge with hot glue,
and you're done!

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Deb said...

such a good idea. I too have a library bag after having to pay the library for 'lost' library books! I like yours.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! I made library bags for each of us as well...the only difference was I put the card pocket on the inside of the bag :)
I LOVE the library! x

nicole said...

i love your library bag! i was in love with mine and now i am convinced it needs some sparkle. thank you for sharing!