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This weekend meant a new dress made from thrifted fabric and my favorite dress pattern...
patched with a bit of lace where i accidentally sliced it with the rotary cutter. OOOPS!
A downtown parade with my favorite astronaut...
and the beginnings of a wool leaf garland.

How about you? Was your weekend productive? Relaxing? Hopefully, it was a little of both...


PonderandStitch said...

That dress is adorable!!! Don't you hate when you accidentally cut into fabric like that? I do it all the time!

{april kennedy} said...

I loved the little piece of patched lace. I thought it was your signature "stamp" on your handmade item! Cute dress. Cute Henry!

blue moss said...

arent you glad you cut the fabric....the lace makes it that much better.
i bought that pattern and it has been calling to me...i just havent had time....you have so inspired me to make a fabulous dress with it :)

nicole said...

what a cute astronaut!

Leslie said...

i could not believe my eyes when i saw your little astronaut....my son was wearing this same outfit for halloween, right down to the very same boots your son has on. how funny! what a coincidence.


Deb said...

Bother, I had that pattern and I just gave it to my sister. I made a top out of it but your dress looks amazing. I'll have to get it back and make one.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of that garland.