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In case you are looking for us, I have a feeling there will be a lot of this going on over the winter break... Someone I know LOVES The Polar Express!


Carrie said...

oh how cute I love the polar express too!


Anonymous said...

i wanted to tell you i've had a lot of fun making things from your 'handmade sentiments' blog! i tried to put my own stamp on the things i made and will be giving them as gifts. i'll be giving some coasters and keychains as gifts. thanks again! -molly

Jamie said...

Awww, love this! Grayson loves that movie too! When he was little, I saw him with a little bell and he was shaking it and whispering "I believe". Henry is sooo cute!

Katherine said...

omg, jamie--henry keeps saying that, too! this is the first year he has been into the movie. he always thought it was too scary!

Anonymous said...

We've watched it twice in the last few days...my kids still love it!
Sweet picture.