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There will be a visitor in my little studio tomorrow, so I have been trying to get things tidied up. Cleaning and rearranging furniture are synonymous in my house--for some reason I feel the need to shift things around when I am doing serious cleaning!

And, making a rare appearance in this place is someone who has apparently taken a liking to my newly finished cowl! I lobbying hard for him to wear it to work tomorrow, but so far he can't be convinced. Maybe I will have to learn to make socks...


JenCoen said...

Hi Josh!!
I dig the cowl!!

Miss Wanderlust said...

Yay! hi Josh!
definitely need to wear the cowl to work!
Ps. Congrats on the Etsy interview!!! That is soooo awesome :) I told you that you are famous :)

Jamie said...

He's a cutie, Kat! Tho he doesn't look like how I pictured him at all. LOL Congrats on the interview! You're gonna be awesome!!!! Well, you already are awesome. So you're gonne be awesomer. ;)

Jamie said...

your studio is sooo cute! yay for you on this interview!!!

Anonymous said...

your studio is so cute! mine is just all over the place lol