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I found SO many cute vintage dresses this morning! Reopening At Home With Henry Vintage has given me such a creative boost and I am loving every minute of it.

Where are you getting creative boosts these days?



Lehua said...

i've been adding to my vintage dress collection recently too. so many cute finds!!

Hearthandmade said...

i wish i could pull off wearing vintage dresses! i just look like a dork.
I love your daisy suitcase!

wishful nals said...

my creative juice is a bit low lately. i need some extra energy. if you have any, send some my way! i can't wait to see your finds. xo!

Megan V said...

I've been getting mine from digging through old magazine inspiration tears that I had saved from years ago! Old inspiration is new again and I'm loving it!!

I need to go on a vintage dress hunt - it has been a while and I need some for summer!!

MandiCoulter said...

what a great little shop you have :)

Hazel said...

Love the polka-dot bikini! Oh so CUTE!! But now I have the song stuck in my head!!

:) Hazel