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I May Be Taking This a Little Too Far...

It all started pretty innocently with this thrifted planter a few years ago...

And, then this behemoth somehow made its way home. It is so scary that I couldn't bring myself to hang it in the house and have banished it to the patio. That driftwood up top is HEAVY, and it's hard to make out but there is a giant feather tucked into the rope on top of the driftwood.

This was folded up in a garage at an estate sale and I bought it without even opening it to see what the pattern was--I just knew it would be great, no matter what. Oh. 49ers? Awesome. But, now I was intrigued...

And found some images like this...

and this on eBay. I found a fantastic tutorial and so many cool patterns that I'm having a hard time deciding which to use. Oh, yes--I bought a giant lot of turquoise and cream macrame cord on eBay and am planning on transforming two beat up patio chaise lounges in the backyard.

As far as I can tell macrame is a combination of crochet and the weaving technique I used above (which was made up as I went along--no special tricks here), and I'm hoping not to be cursing the project halfway though.

Have any of you made macrame lawnchairs? Any tips would be appreciated!

1 comment:

Kassi said...

did you make the bench, katherine? i am in love with it!