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Our New House: Interior Inspiration

1/source unknown/3

So before escrow even closed I was decorating the new house in my head (of course). I knew from the beginning that I wanted it to be more subdued and less of a Crayola box than our last house, and I was thrilled to be starting with a clean slate. Not only did we completely renovate (literally no interior surface went untouched), but only the few items that we absolutely loved would be following us to the new (700 sf smaller) home. "Less color, more texture" was the motto at the beginning, which images like those above summarize perfectly. I love homes that manage to be interesting, unique and livable without being loud.

But, then I started bringing home things like these...

and this... And I realized that my taste is a little more colorful (and believe it or not, traditional) than I was admitting.


I like color. And pattern. And while these rooms are a little more than I want to do for us, there are elements in each that I will happily borrow.

1/2/3/4 (the last image doesn't seem to be on the site anymore--hence, the screenshot)
And, hopefully the end result is along these lines. Crisp white walls with color and pattern in ways that can easily be changed if we get sick of it. Dog-proof, kid-proof and klutz-proof would be nice, too. We'll see.

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