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the Retrieval Project

the Retrieval Project, originally uploaded by jennyswanson707.

I learned tonight (through Rachel of the newly redesigned and renamed Smile and Wave) of Joe and Jenny and The Retrieval Project.
A year ago Joe, Jenny and their four children moved to Minnesota to follow Joe's dream. After only six months the the job situation did not work out as promised and they packed as much as they could into two cars and drove back to California to start over. Again. Now the family is setting up shop in an effort to raise the money necessary to return to Minnesota for their belongings (which have been in storage for the past six months). Every day for the next fifty days Joe and Jenny will upload two "his and hers paintings of the same title" which will sell for $40 each. Once the originals sell, prints will be made available.
Their daughter, Brooklyn, has an etsy shop, as well with some adorable paintings (and an equally adorable name--Brookworm!). I had a hard time choosing, but finally decided on a cherry painting, and am honored to have been her first customer!
In a time when it seems we are all struggling a bit in one way or another, I love to see people try to solve their problems in a creative way. Go, Joe and Jenny!


RachelDenbow said...

This makes me so happy!

p.s. Your banner is lookin' hot on my blog! Thanks so much!

jenny said...

this makes ME so happy!!! And even better, I feel like I'm getting two new friends out of this!

Miss Wanderlust said...

This is so great!! I am going to head over and make some Etsy purchases!! Thans girl :)