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Whoa--it seems like I had a little more fabric than I realized! I have been loading fabric, patterns, craft books, doilies and lace, and MORE into the new little shop and there is still a lot to add!
Here are a few things, which I have put in so far...

There are sets of 4"x4" quilt squares cut from vintage sheets (FYI this photo BUGS me and will be re-shot ASAP!)...
Fat quarters and 12"x12" squares have also been cut (four days and three OLFA rotary blades later!) and are stacked and waiting to be photographed.

Can you stand to see more?!?! I know you are on the edge of your seats for all of this. :)

At Home With Henry has a few new items, as well. Two Polaroid cameras and a DYMO labelmaker with eight rolls of tape...
Bed time. More of this madness in the morning.

P.S. Bonus points and cyber hugs to any observant person who can tell me how many different types of hardwood flooring there are in my house.


Anonymous said...

going to guess four

1 VG Doug Fir
2 red oak
3 white oak
4 knotty pine

Mallory Phillipy said...

wow, cute new adds! i have a question though: i recently got a polaroid like that, and i once bought film for it at a super walmart by my house. but they don't carry it anymore. where do you get your film?

Rose Red said...

Great stuff. I will have to check out your shop :)

RachelDenbow said...

wow. I think we're on the same brain wave this week. I've been spending many hours on my own laminate floors in the studio cutting away at vintage sheets!

Your apron kits are fabulous! Love the colors you've put together.

And...polaroids with rainbow stripes have a special place in my heart!