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This is the extent of my costume this year. Blatantly copied.

I'm not sure how I feel about adults dressing up for Halloween. Are you doing it?


{april kennedy} said...

I always end up dressing up very last minute grabbing random items from our halloween costume box! It just makes it more fun to be in character while following kiddos around with boring adults!

Love the ears!

Jamie said...

Cute. =)
We're not going anywhere or I would. We normally have our annual Halloween party but didn't do it this year. Boooo. I get super excited about dressing up, lol! Even if it's not Halloween.

Karen M. Andersen said...

Hi Katherine - love your blog!

We don't really do Halloween over here in Australia. It has started to take off in recent years though, and my kids dressed up this year. Not me though.

Hope you had a happy Halloween :)

Karen xx

Priscila said...

I didnt...I think its kinda weird if you arent going to a party! haha

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