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Rug hooking

and crocheted rag rugs like these from Studio Beerhorst;

ceramics (via Knack);

and dyeing my own yarn, like this from The Spun Monkey.

What new things would you like to try?


eef said...

How lovely! Those rugs are impressive!

I have a list of things I want to make/do...

Make my own underoos
Make my own ginger ale
Make my own nutella
Learn to knit (well)

And lots of other things!

mrs boo radley said...

__ Uhm, sew.
__ Make enough fermented vegetables to feed my whole neighborhood.
__ Ceramics??...
__ Play the cello again.

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

The yarn idea is really neat! :D


Katherine said...

I want to make my own underoos, too! I have a pattern, but have yet to use it. I like the ones made of old t-shirts with bits of lace!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

so pretty!!

my list:
-learn how to skate again
-learn to knit
-try new recipes


Windsor Grace said...

That looks like fun! Although, I don't know if I would want anyone walking on it after I spent all of that time on it.

Michelle said...

Oh! I used to rug hook with little kits when I was small, but nothing so amazing! he he. :) Fun!

I am dying to try/learn knitting and crocheting - finally! Also, those really fine, highly-detailed paper cut-outs are on my list-to-try-one-day. :)

Yay for new things!

Rowena said...

I want to learn silversmithing so I can make my own jewelry.

Also I want to try making resin jewelry

I want to try papermache

I want to try sewing with a machine, like for real, making clothes and stuff. coooooool.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Ooo, great stuff! I want to try making undies and bathing suits - it seems fun, but a little scary.

thursday said...

oh my gosh! that first pictur is stunning! I want to try rug hooking now.

Laurie Anne said...

Love your photos and your list. I would love to try pottery one day :)