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amy lapi said...

this is such a good idea!! i want ALL of the boxes! it's too hard to decide, ha! i see that you're de-stashing a ton of granny squares.. i'm collecting grannies from people all over the world and donating money for each one to Haiti. let me know if you're interested in donating :]

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea!!! Oh goodness... another way to spend money! Dangerous discovery! Cute blog!!! -Katie

Jamie said...

Great idea!!!!
How will we know if one is already taken? Will you post it on here?
Miss you!

Katherine said...

hey, jamie! miss you, too!!!

i set up the "buy now" buttons so that each box can only be sold once. if it has already been sold and you try to buy it you will get a "sold out" message.

i will also do my best to stay on top of things and remove the button for each box as it sells.

where can i find out more info about your project?


angela said...

great idea... you had quite the load to get rid of.

Jana said...

great boxes, great idea!
i wish i could all boxes... are you shipping to germany? maybe i´ll get one........ let me know, ok?
have a great day

Violet Bella said...

what a great idea! wow you have good stashes you are getting rid of! i wish i was a size 7 shoe!!!

jek-a-go-go said...

oh my! lovely items. i've been sitting at home with piles and piles of things to sell all around me and wondering if i could just post a pic on my blog and i find yer post! wish i could buy stuff instead of get rid of it! thank oyu for sharing!

BuenoBueno said...

omg i got excited about cameras and then boom i saw sold out:( wahhhh!
ive been trying to get rid of stuff too, selling things at the salon and etsy right now.
i like your idea! smart!! hope you sell it all:)

MeeshOne.Love said...

I love this idea! I am so inspired by it that I just might have to host my own sale! I have SO much I don't use or need and I would love to get rid of it like this, unfortunately where I live, the weather is so fickle planning an actual outdoor yard sale is a bit of a task. I might be back with a few questions once I get all of my photos taken!
Happy Spring!