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Yikes. See this photo? I swear this is the first time I have had "real clothes" on in weeks. You may have heard me whine about mention that Henry and I have been sick for almost three weeks now... Although I was ready for bed by 4:30 yesterday afternoon, during the morning I actually felt human and was able to snap a (blurry--oops!) photo for the Bloganistas photo pool.
What else is going on around here? At my request, super sweet Holly Sarah put together this adorable collage of Pretty Zakka Shop products to use on the homepage. Thank you so much, Holly! I LOVE it!

While poking around the shop you may notice that the shipping prices are a bit lower than they were. So far using Big Cartel to the host the shop has been a dream. I love that you can customize everything and really make it your own, and highly recommend it to anyone else who would like to open a small shop! My only wish so far is that there was a more accurate way to calculate shipping. A few days ago I went in and manually set the shipping price for each item (both by itself and with another item), and it is much better!

If you view the blog using a reader, you might not have seen the update to the Virtual Yard Sale post. I have added a bunch of new items, and will continue to do so! You can always check out what is available by clicking the button on the sidebar.

I think that is it for random bloggy business... I am going to take advantage of the little burst of energy I have to clean up around here, and then I am headed out into the sun. It was in the 80's yesterday, and today will be the same. YAY!!



tiffany said...

what a cute outfit! i hope you feel better soon ^_^

xo tiffany

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I've also had the three week illness - two weeks with a cold and now one with a stomach flu. Yuck. Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! Also your blog is really cute too! I think its one of my new faves lol! :)


Hearthandmade said...

your cardigan is adorable!

BuenoBueno said...

love your outfit!!!
and being sick... i feel ya! i had the flu and strep already this year! booo.
hows the yard sale going?

Lu said...

Your outfit looks great, I lke your style. :) Luckily you feel better now. :)