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After not having attended a wedding in almost five years, I am now invited to FOUR this summer. My biggest concern, of course, is what to wear, as I do not have much in the way of wedding appropriate clothing! This little vintage dress came home with me after an impromptu visit to my favorite thrift shop last week, and I have decided it will be perfect for the wedding I am attending in early June. Although it is an afternoon/evening event, it will be fairly casual and this little cotton dress will be just fine (after being pressed, of course!).
I already own these shoes (LOVE the wood detail!)
and this vintage fur cardigan (the hedgehog pin is from the RVA store) for when it cools down in the evening.

Now is the part where I ask you for help!! Do you have any accessory suggestions? I feel like I need a fun, brightly colored bracelet or something to jazz things up a bit.

For some reason I keep thinking yellow... Maybe something with these pretty beads?

Any cute clutch suggestions would be appreciated, as well! I am looking for something really fun... Along the lines of this lovely little bag but perhaps a bit crazier/more unique.

What are your favorite online spots for accessory (and fashion in general) shopping and inspiration? Please leave me some links in the comments--all of your advice is truly appreciated!



Barbara said...

Oh my...I have to hate you now for two reasons - your ability to find a beautiful dress, and secondly, it's obvious that you are tiny enough to fit into it. Raging jealous here! You'll be the belle of the ball!

Katherine said...

you are sweet! i am thin, but the dress form is smaller than i am--i have the dress pinned in the back for the photo!


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I love that dress! it reminds me of the plaid cotton dresses they recently had at Anthropologie. I think yellow accessories would give it the perfect pop. When i'm looking for accessories, I usually just browse Etsy (both vintage and handmade sections) for ages until something jumps out at me!

Pigwidget said...

Just dropping by during a few free moments today to say 'hello' again :)

I agree with the yellow accessory idea - maybe a pale lemon-cream tone rather than uber-bright... Love the crochet bead jewellery idea, and the yellow clutch ideas - what about finishing it off with some sort of yellow flower hair accessory/'fascinator'? Just a thought :)