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I have been working hard for the past week or so to finish up some special projects. I am absolutely in love with this hand dyed t-shirt yarn and have about a bazillion ideas of projects to use it for.

I also have two furniture projects to complete (before and after photos to come!), a second set of special projects (in addition to the one mentioned above), and some serious attention is needed in both Henry's bedroom and Josh's and my bedroom.

There is also a pile of (some super cute!) items to be added to the Virtual Yard Sale. I am going to do my best to make this happen tomorrow.

And, oh yeah--helping Henry navigate the difficulties of childhood is on the list, too. Number one, in fact.

I love having a long To-Do list (although I hope poor Henry has a better week--bully troubles last week had us all in tears!).

How about you? What is heaped on your plate this week?


eef said...

ooo, how beautiful! I recently started making a rug out of old t-shirts. It's not as pretty as what you've made as it's mostly black/dark colors and isn't well coordinated, but hey, it's fun! I''ll have to post about it on my blog soon.

I always have such a long to-do list, and ever since I started my new job it seems like I can't get anything done that I WANT to do. I mean, the highlight of my week will probably be watching LOST tonight. Stupid job. =[

Erin said...

I love the t-shirt rug! I hope Henry has a better week too. :)

Jamie said...

Your t-shirt yarn is so cool! Grayson's sick today so we're missing his class trip to the zoo. Did you get my text the other day? He wrote his first pen pal letter. ;) So cute! I took pictures, of course. hehe I hope this week is much better for you guys!!! Tell Henry to be strong! He's much more awesome than any meanies. My to-do list is a mile long and just gets longer! An expected day at home today so we'll if anything gets done. ha!
Hope today is wonderful! Miss you! xoxo

Windsor Grace said...

I love that! It looks like a rug, I really need a rug for my living room.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Your t-shirt yarn is gorgeous! I might have to try it out - your rug(?) is beautiful.

I hope Henry's bully problems get better. It's so horrible to be bullied in school, but in the end it's better to be the bullied that than to be a bully - I know that being bullied in school made me a better person in the end (although I'm sure it was a nightmare for my mom at the time). Good luck.

lou said...

this rug is super awesome! unfortunately i'm totally untalented when it comes to knitting but seeing this makes me want to learn it. now!
it's very very nice!!