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The Leaning Tower of Cake

My friends are getting married today, and although it is more of a formality than anything (the actual wedding is next weekend in Mexico), I still think there should be cake involved. I spent three hours on this beast this morning, and it is not my best work. Usually I make two layer cakes and they turn out just fine, but today I tried to get fancy and add a third layer and it's not working so well. This thing weighs like ten pounds and is sooooooo crooked. OOPS.

See? Ridiculous. At least it tastes good.

The inspiration for the design on top came from this amazing fabric pattern, which I love so much I could marry. Only if I did marry it, one of you would have to make the cake, OK?



hollysarah said...

it looks great! and I'm sure it tastes awesome.
ps: that fabric pattern IS fabulous!!

Erin said...

You did a great job! It looks wonderful!

Alice said...

Looks very yummy!! x

Amy Rose said...

This whole post makes me so happy!

nicole said...

THANK YOU!! it was the most special + delicious cake i have ever had. you are one talented lady.

MarySew said...

I love leaning cake. My fave kind of cake!

janel. said...

That cake looks amazing!! and I am definitely going to have to score that fabric :)
love you.

FrolleinFranetzki said...

this cake would be exactly the cake i would love to have for my wedding (IF i ever get married, i don't like the thought) :)

Becky Farley said...

That topper is amazing! All my cakes turn out weird looking but usually taste good :)