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I saw this video on The Bedlam of Beefy via a Tweet from Melissa (if you are not familiar with them, both are fantastic blogs!) a few days ago. The things Kevin talks about are right along the same lines of what has been on my mind recently and a conversation Josh and I had about doing things because they are truly, authentically **you** vs. doing things because you want other people to perceive you a certain way. Both Josh and I fall into the first category, and it is how I am trying to raise Henry to be. It is not always easy to be yourself when you fall outside the lines of what other people decide is the norm, as we have been reminded these past few weeks. It is so worth it though, isn't it?



JessieB said...

he is so right on. im totally re-blogging this.

Pigwidget said...

Just dropping by during a few free moments today to say 'hello' again :)

Love that green armchair - looks so comfy :) What a fab find! And I totally agree with the 'child labour' comment ;) LOL!