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Dream on, sister...

Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I saw something and thought, "I want THAT!" Usually it's "That's cute, but I don't need it," or more often, "That's cute, but I want to make one." Until this morning when I saw this bag by
Petunia Pickle Bottom.
It is not even my style (whatever that is), and the $300 plus pricetag is not in the budget, but for some reason I love it!
P.S. Just realized it's actually a diaper bag. NO THANKS!!!!!


Amy said...

Checked out the website. You were right - so cute, but yikes on the price!

marysgranddaughter said...

Fabulous bag!Since my daughter just started driving I hope to never be in the market for one of those again! Great fabric!

Katherine said...

i know--it's super cute, right? it's just that anything with the word "diaper" anywhere near it sends me running. i love my five year-old!