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This bag is now in the handmade shop.
ahoy bag close
More tote bags (as well as some smaller "stash" bags) will be coming soon!


Jessie said...


That's adorbs. Makes me giddy for summer!

Wanna know what else makes me giddy?! Getting sweet packages of cool things in the mail from friends!

Your little parcel made it's way to my desk at work today, and I can't tell you how much it brightened my day. I love the keychain and the paper, and I can't wait to blog about it all.

You're presh. :) Thanks again!

Katherine said...

yay!! i'm glad everything arrived safely. let me know how the keychain holds up--before i put them in the shop i want to make sure the leather glue is strong enough!

Amy said...

Love the bag! I am going to have to keep checking back to see what else you make.