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For the past year or so I have been OBSESSED with the thought of making my own shoes. I have tons and tons of leather scraps and really want to use them to make a little pair of mocs or boots.
So I ordered this pattern and set to work.
FAIL!! This thing is so hideous that I didn't even bother to make its mate.
Then the other day I stumbled across one of these kits at the thrift shop for $3.
FAIL! Again.
I am having a hard time making the image of what I would like to make in my head match up with the reality of what my hands create. Do you ever have this problem?
These are more of what I was going for.
It will probably take a few more attempts, but I am confident that I will be able to come up with something I like. How about you? Are there any projects or skills you keep attempting but cant seem to get just right?


Laurie Anne said...

You are a very ambitious woman! :D
Keep trying...you'll get it! but I know what you mean...in my head I always have these perfect, grandeur vision that I fully expect from the final product-only to be tremendously disappointed...but dust off your tools! put a smile on your face! and try again. You CAN do it! x

Jamie said...

it looks to me like you're so close & maybe you just need to keep going. what's missing from the ones you've made is the personalization. i think if you add that they'll be awesome!

i have a kit in my etsy shop too, i thought about taking it down & trying to make them...just not that ambitious yet;)

boots said...

well now i really want to make some shoes! geez. hehe

Anna said...

Oh, I am laughing ... with you!

A+ for effort though, right? Looking forward to your next attempt.

mrs boo radley said...

Keep us posted! I am loving these...