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There are some pretty new things in the the vintage shop today...
I know that one of them may cause controversy, and believe me--I debated. But my final decision was this: while I would definitely not wear new fur (EVER)--and would most likely not even wear vintage fur--there are many people who do. And, IF you choose to wear vintage fur, this jacket is just the type of specimen you hope to find. AMAZING fit. Really--this is so cute on. Gorgeous vintage condition. And those chunky knit cuffs and collar.

So, that's my stand. What are your thoughts on this?


boots said...

hey lady! i just bought that camera- i is amazing and i have been wanting a awesome looking Polaroid for a while, and am so excited to receive it! hope you have a great day!

Katherine said...

yay! i'm glad you bought it--i knew that one would go fast!

chelseybell. said...

i say--if you want to wear fur, vintage is the best way to go--the whole 3 R's thing.

i do think fur is gorgeous, but i would probably never wear real fur just because i love animals too much :). but, i do eat them so it's a messy issue.

Katherine said...

i'm the opposite--i don't eat them, but i wear leather!

Lovely Kasey said...

ugh i'm so jealous someone got to the camera before me. it was screaming for me to have it, so next time you find a pink polaroid you should save it for me! :)

Katherine said...

i will keep my eyes peeled for another! :)

A said...

hey! I have one Pink polaroid too.. but doesn't work!! do your cameras work?

boots said...

<3 the camera - Thanks you!!!