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I went thrifting at two of my favorite places with this pretty lady today and found so many great things!
Thank goodness April was there to talk me into these boots. I probably would have walked right past them on the way to the typewriters, but she made me try them on and they fit PERFECTLY. Thanks, April! I can't wait to wear them...
I also found this little crib quilt today, which is perfect as a little "headboard" above Henry's platform bed.
P.S. I love the curtains in his room!
I also love this little handbag, but it will most likely end up in the vintage shop either late tonight or tomorrow...
along with these fun finds
and this fun friend, who is so cute and so well made I can hardly stand it. At first I thought is was a funny interpretation of one of those hide rugs, but soon realized it is a duvet cover for a child'd bed.


{april kennedy} said...

I didn't know you picked up that darling crib quilt. It looks great as a headboard! I had so much fun....thanks again. You found some great items and I came home with some great treasures also!

chelseybell. said...

i would totally use that lion duvet as a funny take on the hide rug.

josh r said...

april--i picked up that little quilt at stop #2. i can't wait to see what you do with that pretty little pin and those beads!

chelsey--i had the lion on the floor in my bedroom to take the photos (which was tough--it's huge!) and it looked super cute. it would be adorable either on the floor or the wall of a nursery.

p.s. it's katherine, not josh. i'm too lazy to sign out of his account! :)

Jamie said...

Goodness, girl! You did hit the jackpot!!!! Great finds!!! Love H's room! So adorable!

Amy H. said...

LOVE the boots! I also love the Merci bracelet from Andrea. I should have asked her to pick me up a few cute things. :)

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I especially love the crib quilt and the duvet cover...but I would definately add some no slip backing to it and use it as a floor rug...it's adorable :)

boots said...

what great finds! i found so much great stuff at the thrift store last night, including two super nice tennis rackets! i cant wait for spring!!