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Contest Time!

Since the main project I have been focusing on in recent weeks is Pretty Zakka Shop, I decided that it would be the subject of today's WIP Wednesday. I also decided that it would be fun to do a giveaway!

The prize consists of the following items from the shop:

*one Paper Doll Coloring Book
*one set of Sweetheart Paper Cupcake Molds
*one yard of Shinzi Katoh Forest Linen Tape
*one roll of Black lace Deco Tape
*one cream colored Slice of Cake Lace Basket
*one "Alice Falls" Memo Pad
*one Pink Medium Balsa Tray
*one Pink Cake Shop Gift Box
*one Yellow Little House Gift Box

Would you like to win? If so, here is how you do it...

To enter you name into the random drawing, you can either:

*Tweet this post (which is super easy by using the "ShareThis" button below)

*post this to Facebook (again, super easy using ShareThis)

*Mention (and link to) Pretty Zakka Shop in a blog post

*Add the Pretty Zakka Shop button to your side bar.

You will receive one entry for each of these things that you do, for a possible total of four entries!

IMPORTANT!! Please let me know in the comments section of THIS POST which of these things you do so that I know who has entered the contest. As it will not be possible for me to keep track of everyone's posts on your individual Twitter/Facebook accounts and blogs, please make sure to leave me a comment so I know. I do not want to leave anyone out!

Some of you have already posted about Pretty Zakka Shop in various places. First of all--THANK YOU! Please feel free to use these as your entries and leave a comment about them.

Entry to the contest will be closed and a winner will be chosen at 9 a.m. PST on this Friday, February 26.

Good luck! Everything in already boxed up and ready to go to the post office as soon as i draw the winner on Friday!


chelseybell. said...

i added the shop's button to my blog--love everything in the shop, by the way!

awesome giveaway!

miss indie said...

okay first off, loveeeee your new shop! everything is too cute!

1. I tweeted about your giveaway
2. I shared it on Facebook
3. Your cutecute shop button is now on my blog!

Yay! So excited for your new shop!

janel. said...

Hey love!!
I have done all of the above :)
I am about to go and add the button to my blog too!!
looooove the shop :)

Danielle said...

what a clever way to get the word out, katherine! i might use this idea! :-) I LOVE your shop!

tweeted here: http://twitter.com/KitschyDigitals

danielle thompson

amy lapi said...

i tweeted and shared! :)

Katherine said...

thank you, girls! you are QUICK!

Keri Adonna said...

Posted on face book and tweeted!

jenny said...

I'm so loving everything in your shop! I retweeted your earlier tweet and added your button to my blog. Congrats on the new shop! I wish you huge success and even huger happiness! xo

malori said...

I added the button to my sidebar, I mentioned their shop in a post, I put it on my facebook, and I posted about it on my twitter :)!!


lacy said...

oh you have the cutest blog! Such fun! Such delight!

lovecomesfree said...

tweeted and facebooked. :]

Meg said...

Tweeted about it!

Thanks for the chance!!!

kittycat said...

oh my! i'm madly in love with this giveaway! ♥♥

here is my blog post about your lovely shop:

kittycat said...
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kittycat said...

and now i tweeted and shared on facebook! eeee!

if i knew how to add a button to my sidebar and i'd gladly do it ^_^

tamara said...

great giveaway!

I tweeted, facebooked, and added your button to my blog:)

bsmithhill said...

Just tweeted and Facebooked! Very cute giveaway, thanks!

hollysarah said...

love your new shop! If shipping wasn't so much to Canada, I would do lots of shopping!! Thanks for doing a giveaway.
I tweeted via share this: http://twitter.com/hollyneufeld
and I plan on blogging about it in my fab finds friday post on my blog tomorrow too! :)

xo holly

cindy said...

Shared via FACEBOOK!


Laura said...

awesome giveaway!
I tweeted this via: http://twitter.com/_LauraBel_


Mama Ventura said...

Love Your blog and your shop!!!

I added you button to my (small) blog

Ialso shared via FB!

Thanks for this awesome awesome giveaway :)


janel. said...

I fixed my blog button :)
Thank you for letting me know it didn't work!!

Karla said...


Posted here:

Karla said...

Posted on facebook too!

JenCoen said...

Sooo excited for you!!
1. I Tweeted
2. I posted to Facebook
3. Linked and Mentioned the new shop (yay)
4. Added button! Yay!

gabriella said...
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