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Some of you may have noticed in my feature on Apartment Therapy that there is a new granny square afghan in the house...
It was made for my grandma, Emma (shown above), by her mama. I am thrilled to have taken charge of it. And Henry has been warned, "No snacks near the special blanket!"


Donna said...

Katherine, This afghan is so pretty. I love crocheted blankets. I have a couple that mean a lot to me too.


Gwen said...

i just discovered Apartment Therapy last night.

i LOVE it.

and your feature is amazing.

{april kennedy} said...

Your house tour on Apartment Therapy turned out awesome! Congrats. Can't wait to hear how pretty zukka shop is doing!

Carmella said...

i love granny afghans!!
that one is so great!
i don't actually have one from a granny :(
so, i've been on the hunt for a vintage one of my own!

thursday said...

It's such a beautiful blanket! I love granny squares too!