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wanda tries to knit
wanda figures it out


mrs boo radley said...

Impressive, Wanda.

Elsie Flannigan said...

that's so cuuute. my dolls def. don't have skills like that! ;)) loves!

Katherine said...

ha! she is a quick study!

Barbara said...

Man, those dolls always creeped me out!!

Katherine said...

barbara--meeeeeee, too! but they have grown on me!

tinypaperheart said...

so cute :)

Anna said...

adorable!!! everyone is making me want a blythe this week!

jenny said...

Oh Wanda, I can so relate (to the first pic).

Katherine, you amaze me with your mad knitting skills in the second. It must be crazy hard to work so small! (Assuming Wanda had help, of course.)

Rachel said...

Just found your blog and I love it! I'm going to have to add it to my daily reads!

eltallerdemarta said...

ohhh!! i love!!