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Floral Arranging: Unconventional Bouquets

 I have been taking full advantage of everything growing in our yard by having bouquets of fresh flowers all over the house.   Not wanting to limit myself to flowers, I have been using lots of fresh herbs and other plants in my little arrangements.   The large leaves above are cauliflower, which make a nice backdrop for the giant dahlia and tiny spray roses.  I have been using basil is almost every bouquet, simply because I love the way it smells.  A crocheted cozy is a good way to dress up a plain glass jar.  I made this one with thick, fluffy yarn and a giant hook in about ten minutes.
 On my bedside table baby olive branches and rosemary are a good companion for the lone pink flower.  The one flower alone looked kind of skimpy, and the branches are a good way to fill things out while being able to leave more flowers in the yard than I bring inside.
This Ikea mirror in the bathroom has a little ledge, which is the perfect size for a tiny bouquet.  Here, an Ikea shot glass holds more basil and some of my favorite purple flowers.

It is fun to experiment with different arrangements and combinations, and the nice thing is that you can't really go wrong! 


BuenoBueno said...

i love all of these! lately I have been buying flowers for my house every week! But I really need to grow some herbs too!


janel. said...

these are so amazing! like you could have a job doing this :)