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What We Have Been Up To

 We are still settling into the new house and unpacking little things here and there, but for the most part things are in place.  We still need to set up the laundry room/office/studio, but until then we are keeping ourselves busy.
 The closets are organized, which makes me happy.
 Little plants and things are making their way through the front door.
 Our kitchen is still semi-functional so we have been eating out more than usual, which Henry doesn't mind.  Random side note: Josh made the wooden bar rail that Henry's elbows are resting on.
  The arrival of TV and internet in the house after almost 2 weeks without was applauded by all.
 We made our first batch of cookies in the new/old oven.
 I finished one project...
and started another.

I will try and get a few more peeks of the house up soon.  For now my camera charger is still packed somewhere & I have been relying on my phone, but its about time to resume business as usual.

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janel. said...

what are you making? That looks so rad!! keep the house peeks coming :)