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Homemade Ice Cream

A few weeks ago I couldn't stop thinking about homemade ice cream and decided to give David Leibovitz's vanilla ice cream recipe a shot.
The kitchen was only semi-functional at this point but the stove was hooked up, so I went for it.
 Because I am a brat about these types of things I used good cream...

and local Petaluma eggs.
We mixed, 
 and simmered,
and let the machine do its thing.

Probably a bit ambitious for someone with half of a kitchen, but delicious!  And easy enough that I'm constantly thinking about all of the ice cream possibilities and am ready to try our next batch.  As soon as we have a kitchen sink.


janel. said...

Wow the kitchen looks so good! It's all coming together :) WHen I come over, can we make ice cream? xo

Jessie Fincham said...

wow I am in LOVE with your oven! :D