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Ojos de Dios

A newly completed ojos de dios...


hollysarah said...

beautiful!! Did you make this yourself? You should totally do a DIY... ;)
love it!

BuenoBueno said...

long time!!!! me and Kassi were talking about yor blog the other day! I just had to stop by and see how you were doing!?

Kassi said...

ha! i was just going to write the same thing as brandi... for some reason your posts aren't coming up on my blog roll... :( i've missed reading and seeing what you create. SO glad to know you are still blogging and i hope i can figure out how to get you back on my blog roll... it says your last post was 10 months ago... hmmmmm. by the way, love the ojos de dios and as i was scrolling thru
your old posts i saw a bench that i think you made...? i'll go back and read it (i just scrolled through to see how much i've missed over the last few months) anyway, it's gorgeous.

Mandi @ make it dear said...

oooo so awesome!! it looks great :)